If you use half a roll of paper towels every time you clean, consider switching to these reusable Swedish dishcloths that can help you reduce your waste.

Cleaning the floors doesn’t have to be a chore with this robot vacuum from iRobot.

Stock up on disinfectant wipes at these Prime Day prices so you won’t have to pay more for them later.

With sponge, scrubber and brush attachments galore, there isn’t a crevice you won’t be able to clean with this drill brush.

This robot mop will keep your floors sparkling clean. Plus, it can be controlled through your phone for ultimate convenience.

Nothing’s worse than digging through your drawers trying to find aluminum foil and cling wrap. Keep all your foils neat with this 3-in-1 organizer.

Make your cleaning routine more eco-friendly with this low-waste kit from Blueland.

Refill on laundry detergent so you can stay on top of that pile of dirty clothes.

Keep your fridge neat and organized with these clear organizing bins.

Score these dishwasher pods at a discount now so you don’t have to pay normal price later.

These thin containers are the perfect way to store your off-season clothes neatly under the bed.

Tidy up all those hats with this nifty over-door organizer, which has 27 clear pouches.

Tidy up that linen closet with these fabric storage baskets.

This handheld vacuum is small, but don’t let it fool you; it’s got plenty of suction for your messes. It was our favorite handheld vacuum, and it’s discounted now.

Kids toys can quickly turn a room into a disaster, so ensure they put everything back after playtime into this big toy chest.

Create some more pantry space with this over-the-door organizer that has five different tiers to stash all your snacks.

A Swiffer is basically a cleaning essential, so if you don’t have one yet, now is the perfect time to pick one up.

Perfect for the garage, this adjustable shelving unit is a great way to store all your gadgets and gear.

Get some space back on your counters by hanging some floating shelves.

Free up some room in your closet with these clever hangers.

The cabinet under the sink can quickly become a messy free-for-all. That’s why this organizer is a must-have.

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